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Termites. That word can make any San Mateo County homeowner cringe because termites can cause considerable damage to wooden house constructions. With 17 varieties of termites living in California, homeowners are in a constant battle to protect their homes from the destruction termites can cause with wood structures.

Its important to note that not all termite infestations are bad, provided they are not in or near our homes. Termites play a very important part in the breakdown and recycling of timber substances, and when they tunnel in the ground, they contribute to aerating the soil and adding nutrients that allow for greater plant growth.

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So how can you tell if you have a termite infestation in and around your home Its important to understand that not all termites invade dwelling constructions. In reality, you will find four standard types of termites: dampwood, drywood, subterranean, and mound builders.

Whats the Difference Between Termite VarietiesDampwood termites are most common in cool, humid locations, especially along the central and northern coastal regions in California, and they can be found in wood that's high in moisture, both above ground and below ground. This leaves them the normal pest of shore homes; however, they may also be found in high-humidity woods and forests, and can cause damage to mountain cabins. .

Drywood termites can be found in dry, undecayed wood, and have been found in human structures, trees (including orchards), utility poles, posts, and lumber used for building. They are probably found in drier regions of California, including hills, but can occur in the coastal areas, as well. Drywood termites normally nest above ground. .

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Mound building termites are most common in South America, Australia, and Africa. As their name suggests , they assemble large mounds, either on the ground or in trees, that can reach 25 feet or higher. There are no mound-building termites in North America.

Subterranean termites are those that live underground. They need moist environments and float through the ground, and can cause damage to foundations wooden and structural replacements, particularly if there's wood rot in the construction.

Truth about Termite InfestationThe first sign of a termite infestation in or around your San Mateo County home may come in the kind of unusual insect swarms, as termites tend to swarm in autumn and spring. Additionally, you may notice what seems to be tunneling in wood, and/or darkening or blistering of timber.

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Termite identification is fairly simple in that termites are often mistaken for the flying kinds of ants, but tend to be bigger, with some types being around an inch long, and their wings, body shape and antennae are different than why not find out more those ants. Typically, termites have a broader body, their wings are somewhat different, and their antennae are not bent or jointed like an ants.

Unlike other pests, a termite infestation presents a different sort of challenge. Whereas many insects invading our San Mateo County houses are coming in to look for refuge and food which could be lying around in our house (whether that be other insects, or meals crumbs that have fallen into the cracks between our cooker and fridge ), or have only wandered in through an open door or on the rear of a pet, termites hunt our houses specifically as a food supply and a place of shelter, and they can invade portions of their home not easily accessible by homeowners.

While a homeowner might be able to identify an infestation, it's wise that a professional be hired to inspect and handle the home. .

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Prior to hiring a San Mateo County company to inspect and handle the house; nonetheless, its important to understand that having the same company do could be a conflict of interest as many companies pay on commission; therefore, someone inspecting your house may determine that you need more work than is necessary.

There are many things that you can do to attempt to prevent a termite infestation from occurring. Some of them include keeping all wooden parts of a building structure at least 12 inches above the ground; identifying and correcting any structural problems that may promote termite infestations, like the use of stucco siding that reaches into the ground; keeping attic and foundation areas well ventilated; regular inspection of the exterior of the building, including any usefulness or solutions boxes attached to the outside of the building; replacing wood preferred by termites with wood that is more resistant to existing infestations; and placing a sand barrier around the buildings foundation.

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